About this Website

I am using this free WordPress.com site to showcase student work, post announcements, schedules, links, etc. for the Graphic Design Using Open Source Software class at St. Lawrence University in Fall 2017.

If you find any errors or have comments please email me at opensourcestlawrence@gmail.com. Thank you!


Getting Ready

usb-drive-st-lawrence-universityI ordered SLU-branded USB drives that I will load with PortableApps along with Scribus, Inkscape, GIMP, and others.

Once the class begins, students should be all set to go and we can dive right into creating fantastic graphic arts projects with open source graphic design tools. Students can then store their work, along with the apps, on these drives.

We will be working on Windows 7 host machines but will learn what we can about open source on Linux and Mac as well.

Completed work will be added to our portfolio on this site.

More info to come.