All classes run from 9:00am to 11:30am on Saturdays
St. Lawrence University, Richardson 302

Class 1:
September 16, 2017
Introduction to graphic design and open source. Typography, document setup, color, file formats, software. Test PortableApps and software to confirm all is working.

Class 2:
September 23, 2017
Create projects. Establish a “creative brief” for the projects, decide how to proceed and what tools are best for the projects. Discuss what types of projects to create: they can be based on real-life examples (family business, sports team, civic/religious activity, business idea, or even a spec project for an existing business) or speculative (a future business or organization or personal project). Projects can be posters, brochures billboards, logos, flyers, cards, signs, booklets, magazines, websites, whatever!

Class 3:
September 30, 2017
Using open source tools, acquire graphic assets, write or acquire text and begin building rough drafts of projects. Find open source graphic elements on Wikipedia, Creative Commons, etc. Use Scribus, GIMP, Inkscape to create projects and possibly explore other open source tools such as Blender, OpenShot, Bibisco, and more.

Class 4:
October 7, 2017
Work on projects using as many open source graphic design tools as possible. Get busy!

Class 5:
October 21, 2017
Peer review. All students will critique and advise each other on their projects. Make adjustments as necessary. Open source means working together. Everyone contributes, everyone helps, everyone collaborates. We all excel.

Class 6:
October 28, 2017
Work on projects nearing completion. Proofread, test, collaborate. Gotta do the hard stuff to make it right.

Class 7:
November 4, 2017
Finalize projects. Re-purpose for web or other uses as necessary. Pre-flight files, package files for output, create final printable files. The big reveal.

Class 8:
November 11, 2017
Print final projects and post to web if necessary. Field trip to Office Services to produce final work live! Stuff to take home and hang on the fridge. Maybe your project will be used in real-life situations. Why not? You’re open source graphic designers. You rule.